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How to get the most out of our first meeting


Let's assume that, judging from preliminary information about Reid Product Development, you think we possibly match your criteria to be a service provider.  Now you are willing spend some time to find-out what we are really all about and whether we can contribute your success.  Besides asking the right questions, you're guarded about divulging sensitive information about your application and business plans.

In turn, we're wondering whether you are really a qualified and preferred prospect for a future client and whether we will be encumbering ourselves in any uncomfortable ways in exploring a business relationship.

After the handshake and niceties, there is a natural progression to our first meeting that can meet the concerns and objectives of both parties.


Convey your generalized needs, but delay revealing confidential information.  Probe our key technologies, expertise, capability, and working style.

Whether face-to-face or over the wire, sense the chemistry.  You are considering entrusting "your baby" to us.

Mutual qualification is a two-way street.  We will gauge your commitment, enthusiasm and ethics.  We will assess the likely outcome of working with you.


If we mutually opt to continue our meeting(s), let's consider a non-disclosure agreement (NDA), often called a confidentiality agreement.  Our house policy is strict confidentiality for our clients, but a written non-disclosure agreement demonstrates an appropriate step by you towards maintaining the proprietary status of ideas that you are about to disclose.

Perhaps you have a standard non-disclosure (or confidentiality) agreement.  From our perspective, we would expect it to have a narrow subject description, the standard exclusions, and a reasonable term.  Alternatively, you may wish to consider our standard non-disclosure agreement.

Prior to signing, let's carefully probe any possible conflicts such an agreement may pose.


Once confidentiality has been established, describe your product idea.  What are your product requirements?  What is to be designed, prototyped, and documented for manufacturing?  What specifically ought we accomplish for you?

Describe your big picture.  Tell us about the players, resources, constraints, and challenges that you believe could affect development.  This will give us an early sense for structuring a program to meet your particular needs.

Our understanding of your vision is critical to our helping you achieve a useful, innovative, cost-effective product that your customers will feel compelled to buy and use.

Your disclosure is certain to inspire a constructive dialogue.  Whatever the outcome of our meeting, do expect to gain a better sense of how your product idea can evolve.


If  we have a basis for a win-win business relationship, let's close our initial meeting(s) with some action items.

Our initial understandings and expectations should be documented.  Our references and your credit can be checked.  Fee schedule and draft contracts can be reviewed.  Existing  plans and hardware can be tentatively reviewed.  You can introduce us to your other players and facility, if you like.  You can simultaneously evaluate our competitors, too.

If you still deem Reid Product Development to be a good match for you, ask us to outline a program.

Your project begins here only upon your authorization and our acceptance of your order.  For more, see FAQS about working with us.

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