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Planning a development program just for you


Reid Product Development has a multi-step approach for tailoring a development program to meet your particular need: 

  1. objectives
  2. project phases
  3. tasks
  4. manpower
  5. outside materials and services
  6. schedule

1. First, we listen carefully to your objectives with an open mind.  For example, you may be thinking of having us build prototypes, discover production costs and methods, generate production drawings, or perhaps some combination of these.  We encourage you to ask us about the product development process.  You should prioritize the triad of time, money, and quality.  Throughout our discussion of your objectives, we elicit product specifications as currently envisioned by you.

2. Second, we suggest optimal partitioning of the project work into project phases.  Each phase has its deliverables and concludes with a milestone.  Typical project phases might be:

  • concept research
  • program planning
  • preliminary design
  • detailed design
  • pilot production
  • clinicals and regulatory approvals
  • manufacturing release

For a medical device, project phases are more numerous.

A concept research phase can be used to refine your product concept and firm-up product requirements and specifications, before planning details of later phases.

3. Third, we postulate tasks within each phase.

4. Fourth, we early estimate manpower for each separate task.

5. Fifth, we early estimate non-recurring expenses (NRE's) and lead-times for outside materials and services.

6. Sixth, combining the above, we predict project schedule, especially for initial phases.  Program planning is often a phase unto itself, wherein we use project scheduling software to tightly integrate phases and tasks with due allowance for contingencies.

The result of these steps is a development program tailored to meet your particular need and identifying the resources and timetable to do the job.

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