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Product development project phases
(for a medical device)


Our product engineering development services play a primary role from Concept Research through Detailed Design.  In Pilot Production, where the product transitions into manufacturing, we play a supportive role.

The following project timeline illustrates staging of the project phases for development of a typical medical device.  Our primary engineering development services are highlighted in darker blue.  Project phases are discussed below.

Hypothetical timeline (Gantt chart) showing project phases


Projects at Reid Product Development usually begin in the Concept Research phase.  Deliverables of this phase are usually a listing of product requirements, the brainstorming / refinement of concepts, and the feasibility confirmation of key technical and cost assumptions.

Next comes Project Planning where we plan a program (tasks, manpower, budget, schedule) to meet your particular need.

In the Preliminary Design phase, the goal is to establish a technical basis for a functional product.  Product requirements are transformed into technical specifications.  Design control begins.  Engineering analyses are performed.  Layout drawings are created.  Breadboards are built and tested.  We excel at designing minimal cost and optimal function into the product.

In the Detailed Design phase, the goal is a well-documented, verified product design.  The team strives for concurrent engineering in styling, manufacturability, and usability.  Engineering deliverables generally include:  engineering drawings, bill(s)-of-materials, OEM vendor sourcing, prototype build & test, assembly & test procedures, production unit cost estimates, and design review.  Over 70% of projects (based upon our 1991-1998 revenue) continue through Detailed Design in our facility.

We can assist you in the Pilot Production phase.  Goals of the pilot production phase are a validated product design, a validated manufacturing process, and final versions of assembly & test procedures  Clients often ask us to oversee tooling, vendor qualification, and first article inspection.  If necessary, we can qualify sources for contract manufacturing and contract assembly.  We can also specify and obtain bids on special production equipment.  Reid Product Development is a professional engineering design house, so our allegiance is always to you, the client.

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