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Product development

-- WE develop your new product

We can transform your new product idea into a well-engineered product design, ready for manufacturing:

Engage our product development services when you want us to demonstrate proof-of-concept, lock-in optimal engineering design, deliver functional prototypes, and/or help transition a documented product design into pilot production.

Your new product idea can be implemented as a negotiated product development project whose timeline and project phases follow a standard sequence, but whose details and deliverables are unique to you.

Thumbnail of timeline (Gantt chart) showing project phases

Ask about planning a development program just for you.

We work independently and / or via collaborative teams.



-- YOU develop your new product

You can plan, perform, and track your own product development with assistance from industry expert Robert D. Reid (Jr.), P.E.:

Ask Reid to help you solidify your business planning, optimize your product concepts, mitigate your development risks, solve specific technical problems, or discreetly establish new vendor relationships.

His creative input and expert professional advice can enhance your efforts to develop your product.

Consulting engagements take many forms:  single consultation, special assignment, or on-call consultation (key advisor).

Surveyed clients consistently rank Reid tops in understanding their objectives, coming up to speed quickly, performing professionally, looking out for their interests, and interacting well with their staffs.

Bob Reid presenting his team's clinical laboratory instrumentation to Coulter Corp. at design review. Our clients enjoy personal service, solid expertise, practical results, and strict confidentiality Bob Reid training Kransco Group's staff during installation of special-build equipment.

Automated Sample Processor
(clinical laboratory, liquid handling, robotic instrumentation)


Semi-automatic shot dispenser

From clinical chemistry protocol to fully-functional prototype.  System concept design.  Engineering specifications.  Project engineering.  Team leadership.  Mechanical engineering.  Integration.  Testing

Call Reid at (310) 390-1573

From customer need to custom factory machine.  Propose.  Design.  Build.  Test.  Install.  Debug.  Validate.

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