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(you develop your new product with advice from Robert Reid)


This page describes Reid's consulting services:


New venture guidance

Reid can help you solidify your product concept(s) and mitigate your technical risks:

  • elicitation of product requirements
  • identification and accommodation of lurking issues
  • concept optimization for function, usability, and unit cost
  • technical feasibility assessment and proof-of-concept

He can also help you incorporate product development into your business plan:

  • project milestones, project phasing, and project philosophy
  • critical human resource identification
  • project budget and schedule
  • cursory estimates for capital equipment and tooling


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Expert engineering consultation

Reid's expert engineering consultation services can improve your positioning: 

  • due diligence assessments (broadly construed)
  • professional engineering opinion (mechanical)
  • answers to specific technical questions or pursuit of such answers
  • improvement of product or manufacturing process
  • assistance in establishing technical options and choosing among them
  • assistance in sourcing components, fabrication capability, or other services
  • preparation of technical (product-related) promotional materials


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Independent engineering design review

Reid's independent engineering design review services can reduce your risks:

  • oral examination in open session (with professional sensitivity to the individuals presenting)
  • due diligence assessment of plant, hardware and design documentation
  • independent feasibility study (including a report)
  • safety risk assessment (including a report)


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