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About Reid Product Development


Reid Product Development is a small, private, professional firm.  Founded in 1987, the firm is based in Los Angeles, California.  Our mission is transforming clients' new product ideas into well-engineered products.

Our clients are entrepreneurs (at the angel and VC funding stages), owners (of private businesses), and key management (of small public companies and major corporate divisions).  They enjoy personal service, broad expertise, practical results and strict confidentiality.

Founder and professional engineer Robert D. Reid (Jr.) has been designing precision products in the medical device industry since 1974.  As a technical business consultant, Reid coaches and advises clients on new product development.  As an advanced design engineer, he leads the firm's contract product development projects.

Development projects are performed by Reid and by product development teams, often using associates in the firm's Project Partners Network SM.

Our new business initiatives declare products and applications in which we proactively seek to play a role.

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Your inquiries and comments are welcome.  Please phone, fax, e-mail, or address this principal contact at Reid Product Development.