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Clients of Reid Product Development


Reid Product Development has proudly and directly served over 90 clients since 1987, including:

Advanced Sterilization Products (Johnson & Johnson) Fortune 100
Aqua Lung America, Inc.
Baskin-Robbins, Inc.
Calmar, Inc. (Saint-Gobain)
Caravan Manufacturing Co.
Clinical Micro Sensors, Inc. start-up
Clean Fuel Products
Coulter Corporation (now Beckman-Coulter)
Ennex Fabrication Technologies (now Ennex Corp.) start-up
FasTrak Systems, Inc. (now Camelbak, Inc.)
IMED Corp.
Karl Storz Endoscopy-America
LifeCare International, Inc. (now Respironics)
LifeShirt.com, Inc. (renamed VivoMetrics, Inc.) start-up
Mattel, Inc.
McCann's Engineering & Manufacturing Co., Inc.
One Lambda, Inc. / Microdrop, Inc.
OrthoMix, Inc. start-up
Optiphase, Inc. (Haliburton)
OptiScan Biomedical Corp. start-up
Physical Optics Corp. start-up
Rainbird Sprinkler / Lyntone Engrg. / Anthony Mfg.
Recom Managed Systems, Inc. start-up
Somnus Corp. / VitalScan, Inc. start-up
S.G. Hauser & Associates (now in Leech Group)
Shiley, Inc. (Pfizer) (now Mallinckrodt)
Tandem Medical, Inc. start-up
Thermoscan, Inc. (now Braun Div. of Gillette Co.) start-up
Valleylab, Inc. (Pfizer)
Willcox International LLC start-up


A majority of those listed have entrusted us with substantial projects or repeat engagements. 

On a personal level, our clients are entrepreneurs (at the angel and VC funding stages), owners (of private businesses), and key management (of small public companies and major corporate divisions).  They enjoy personal service, broad expertise, practical results and strict confidentiality.

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