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Engineering design expertise


Engineering design for product function and manufacturability

Bullets (above) link to an expanded outline of topics in which professional engineer Robert D. Reid (Jr.) designs and/or interfaces.

Reid's expertise spans mechanical engineering, systems engineering, human factors, biomedical engineering, and design-for-manufacturing.

Such breadth is ideal for multidisciplinary projects and is backed by strong analytical skills.

For complementary talent, we turn to trusted associates in our Project Partners Network SM.

Together we engineer durable and disposable products and combinations thereof.

For these end markets


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Photo of clinical laboratory instrumentation for Coulter Corp. / Diagnostics Photo of medical disposable device for Thermoscan, Inc. Photo of special-build equipment product for Kransco Group Cos.

Automated Sample Processor
(clinical laboratory instrumentation)

Probe cover for ear thermometer
(medical disposable device)

Semi-automatic shot dispenser

Stepper and servo drives selection.  Forced-air, precision temperature, incubation carousel design.  Recirculating refrigeration; electro-pneumatic graspers; and reagent flow valves integration.

Polymer film specification and sourcing.  Injection-molded base ring design.  Packaging.  Concepts and recommendations for future thermoform fabrication process.

Man-machine interface.  Proximity sensing. Electro-pneumatic actuation.  High-pressure viscous shot-metering.  Custom fixtures and enclosures.

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