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Design and development of sporting goods


Twenty-four percent (24%) of our business is developing client products for active outdoor sports and personal safety, health, and hygiene.

active outdoor sports  (22%)

-- baseball training
-- cross-country sports
-- head impact protection
-- lawn sports
-- Pilates
-- portable hydration
-- surfing
-- trampoline

personal gear  (2%)
   (physiology / safety / health / hygiene)

-- cosmetics tool
-- liquid/gel packaging
-- oral hygiene
-- personal alarm
-- sunscreen UV dosimetry

Materials and fabrication processes are emphasized early in the mechanical engineering design for manufacturing of cost-competitive consumer products.

Key is integrating cutting-edge features into elegant design capable of being produced at low cost.

When addressing clients' manufacturing processes, Reid Product Development often serves as sourcing agent for custom capital equipment.

Clients of Reid Product Development have included:

Aqua Lung America, Inc., FasTrak Systems, Inc. (now Camelbak, Inc.), Kransco Group Cos. (including Power Wheels and Wham-O production), and Mattel, Inc. (Morey Boogie Board production).


Bob Reid training Kransco Group's staff during installation of special-build equipment.

Semi-automatic shot dispenser
for product assembly line

From customer need to custom factory machine.  Propose.  Design.  Build.  Test.  Install.  Debug.  Validate.

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