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Design and development of medical devices


Sixty-two percent (62%) of our business is developing client products for medical therapeutic, diagnostic, and clinical laboratory applications.

medical devices  (48%)
   (therapeutic / diagnostic)

-- ambulatory monitoring
-- blood pressure
-- body temperature
-- bronchoscopy
-- cardiac output
-- chest percussion
-- critical care
-- demand-oxygen
-- electrocardiogram
-- electrocautery
-- endoscopy
-- enteral feeding
-- inhalation anesthesia
-- intravenous fluid & drug delivery
-- orthopedic surgery
-- patient-controlled analgesia
-- respiratory life support
-- respiratory therapy
-- sleep apnea
-- splinting
-- sterilization
-- tracheostomy

clinical laboratory  (14%)
   (laboratory / point-of-care)

-- automated robotic liquid sample handling
-- blood glucose monitoring
-- centrifuging
-- DNA screening
-- histology sample preparation
-- incubation
-- in-vitro diagnostics (IVD)
-- micro-pipetting

We design and develop Class II and III medical devices, observing regulatory standards and synchronizing with clients' stardard operating procedures, including maintenance of design history files.

Reid Product Development is expert at interdisciplinary engineering design of medical devices (durable and disposable).

Founder and principal Robert D. Reid has over 30 years of engineering development experience in the medical device industry and is adept at multidisciplinary collaboration in medical device design.

Clients of Reid Product Development have included:

Advanced Sterilization Products (Johnson & Johnson), Clinical Micro Sensors, Inc., Coulter Corporation (now Beckman-Coulter), IMED Corp., Karl Storz Endoscopy-America, LifeCare International, Inc. (now Respironics), LifeShirt.com, Inc. (renamed VivoMetrics, Inc.), One Lambda, Inc. / Microdrop, Inc., OrthoMix, Inc., OptiScan Biomedical Corp., Recom Managed Systems, Inc., Somnus Corp. / VitalScan, Inc., Shiley, Inc. (Pfizer) (now Mallinckrodt), Tandem Medical, Inc., Thermoscan, Inc. (now Braun Div. of Gillette Co.), and Valleylab, Inc. (Pfizer)


Photo of clinical laboratory instrumentation for Coulter Corp. / Diagnostics

Automated Sample Processor
(clinical laboratory instrumentation)

Stepper and servo drives selection.  Forced-air, precision temperature, incubation carousel design.  Recirculating refrigeration; electro-pneumatic graspers; and reagent flow valves integration.


Photo of medical disposable device for Thermoscan, Inc.

Probe cover for ear thermometer
(medical disposable device)

Polymer film specification and sourcing.  Injection-molded base ring design.  Packaging.  Concepts and recommendations for future thermoform fabrication process.

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