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New business initiatives


We seek to create or improve upon these products and applications:

These products and applications are a natural extension of our collaborative engineering design of medical devices, sporting goods, and personal gear.

We're excited about their technical challenges and passionate about their end-markets.

We track advanced technologies that can give them a competitive edge, including the latest materials, components, and fabrication processes.

Here's a little more about them.  If you fancy one of our new business initiatives, let's talk.

Wearable electronics
(mechanical and anatomic aspects)

  • Ambulatory physiological monitoring (patient diagnostics or endurance sports)   *
  • Heads-up displays and ambulatory input devices (industrial, office, or consumer)
  • Garment-integrated electrical power bus (personal electronics)

Active outdoor gear
(ocean, trail, climbing, and survival)

  • High-tech comfort garments
  • Personal protective devices   *
  • Athletic performance devices
  • Portable hydration + water purification

Respiratory aerosols

  • Therapeutic drug deposition (mucosal or deep-lung)
  • Emergency air filter (ready and quick)

(  *  denotes projects undertaken in response to our announcement of new business initiatives)


As a services provider, we invite opportunities to collaborate with:

Prospective clients

We develop products for clients, not on our own account.

People approach us from many walks in life:  entrepreneur, angel investor, corporate officer, engineering director, product manager, clinician, healthcare professional, outdoor athlete, and more.  Their common theme is dedication to a new venture.

If you are structuring a new venture, here are some industry resources to help you network, plan your business, and attract equity funding.

For seasoned insight into estimating manpower and project schedule, ask us about planning a product development program.

Feel free to explore a business relationship with us early-on.  Once your venture gets funded, we'll be ready to help you implement it.


Partners and potential partners

Project Partners Network SM is a strategic alliance of Reid's business associates who recognize that, together, we can target new clients for our combined services and can rely upon one another in the prompt performance of services.

Many of you have been receptive to our new business initiatives.  Don't be shy about discussing your involvement, forwarding related news, or sharing initiatives of your own.


R&D investigators

Some researchers are proactive in getting their emerging technologies integrated into novel products for new markets.

Your emerging technologies can become our building blocks.  Your expertise may fit a critical team slot or consulting role on one of our product development projects.

Keep us posted on technology pertinent to our new business initiatives.  Use us a sounding board on issues related to product development.

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